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Channel Your Path

For Individuals

Channel: Akashic Record Readings

By accessing your Akashic Records, you will channel your sacred origin and learn from your guides about who you are, your talents, and how you can give your gifts to the world.


Channel: Tarot Reading

By accessing your Akashic Records and using the Motherpeace Tarot, you will channel your soul's story and gain insights about yourself. 

For Organizations

Channel: Akashic Record Readings

By accessing the Akashic Records of your organization, you will channel the purpose, mission, values and goals of your organization's WORK. 


Path: Creating the Path Forward

Leveraging what you learn from your organization's Akashic Records, we will work together to create strategies, plans, policies, and systems for the following areas of your nonprofit: budgeting, administrative management, personnel and staffing, and fundraising. 

depending on scope
Please contact Guzmán Mendoza at:
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